Undergraduate and postgraduate students

Lecturer on the MSc in Global Health & Social Justice and the MSc in Medicine, Science & Society (King’s College London): research ethics

Lecturer in medical ethics for  students in medicine, nursing, and law (University of Zurich): ethical issues in the doctor-patient relationship, end-of-life decision making, reproductive medicine, biomedical research, transplantation medicine, brain death, psychiatry, and more

Lecturer of reading seminars in biomedical ethics (University of Zurich): Norman Daniels – Just Health (with S. Brauer, N. Biller-Andorno, A. Leist); Norman Daniels – Just Health Care (with S. Brauer); Tom L. Beauchamp and James F. Childress – Principles of Biomedical Ethics (with S. Brauer)

Lecturer on the “Foundations of Bioethics” seminar for PhD students in biomedical ethics and biomedical law (University of Zurich)

Coordinator and moderator of research seminars in biomedical ethics (University of Zurich)

Co-author of the E-learning courses on clinical ethics and research ethics for medical students (University of Zurich)

PhD and MD / PhD students

Dr Vincent Wettstein: Behavioural dispositions to and attitudes about kidney sales in a regulated kidney market, MD / PhD thesis,  Zurich 2011.

Health care professionnals

Lecturer of continuing education in biomedical ethics for nurses, physicians, physiotherapists, and clinical researhcers (University of Zurich, University Hospital Zurich, Bethesdaspital Basel, Université de Genève): fundamental concepts of ethics, introduction to medical ethics, clinical decision-making at the end of life, definitions of death, informed consent to research, risk-benefit evaluations in research, and more