Who should be listed for transplantation?

Who should be listed for transplantation? Psychiatric, legal and ethical aspects

19 April, 2011, 2-5 pm, Hörsaal West, Zurich University Hospital

Organizers: Annette Rid and Tanja Krones (Zurich University Hospital)

This Symposium discusses to what extent compliance should play a role when listing patients for transplantation, in particular in psychiatric patients. Based on a case that occured at the University Hospital Zurich, speakers and panelists will explore the relevant empirical literature on compliance in transplant recipients, the legal situation in Switzerland, as well as ethical considerations. See the conference program for details (.pdf)

Speakers: Philipp Dutkowski (Zurich University Hospital/Transplant Surgery), Angela Brucher (Zurich University Hospital/Psychiatry), Bernhard Rütsche (University of Lucerne/Medical Law), Tanja Krones (Zurich University Hospital/Clinical Ethics)

Panelists: Franz Immer (Swisstransplant), Susanne Nyfeler (Swiss Ministry of Health), Michelle Salathe (Swiss Academy of Medical Sciences)