12th World Congress of Bioethics in Mexico City

The 12th World Congress of Bioethics is taking place this week, 24-28 June 2014, in Mexico City. I’m involved in several panels and paper presentations — check out the program here:

The social value of research: Conflicts between science, society and individuals
Hans van Delden, David Wendler, Alan Wertheimer, Seema Shah, Annette Rid

Evidence-based research regulation?
James Wilson, Simon Whitney, David Hunter, Annette Rid, Anant Bhan, Heike Felzmann

Regulation of research, efficiency and internationalization: Does one size fit all?
David Hunter, Annette Rid, John McMillan, Calvin Wai Loon Ho

Revision of the CIOMS guidelines for biomedical research involving human subjects
Annette Rid, Hans van Delden, Rieke van der Graaf, Anant Bhan, Ruth Macklin